Grit Removal Systems, Conveyors, Compactors, In Channel Fine Screens, Bar Screens

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 Perforated Plate Screens, Bar Screens, Septage & Sludge Screens, Drum Screens, Washer, Compactor, Conveyor, Grit Management, Complete Plants

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 Activated Sludge WWTP, Nutrient Reduction, Belt Filter Press

 SBR Biological Treatment Process and Packages, Grit Removal, Jet Aeration & Mixing, Fixed Cloth Disk Filters, Decanters

ECS has over ten years of experience in the design and manufacturing of Odor Control Systems with installations all over North America

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Packaged & Modular Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, DAF, Filtration, AC Clarifier, ST Tube Settler, Pressure Filters, MBR, & MBBR

S.T.E.P. effluent collection systems, AdvanTex Fixed Film Wastewater Treatment, including AX-Max and AX-Mobile, Fiberglass insulated buildings, Fiberglass basins, wells, tanks


Clarifiers, Digesters, Algae Cleaning Equipment, Flocculators, Thickeners, Grit Removal Systems, Aerators, Oxidation Ditches, & Dewatering


Universal Gravity Filter Control System


 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter Underdrains 

 Ozone Generation, Distribution, Injection, & Destruction 


 Geared Centrifugal Blowers, Affordable Upfront Costs, High Efficiency, Small Footprint 


 Positive Displacement Blowers, Blower Packages, Sound Enclosures, Blower Accessories 


 Surface Aerators for All Applications 


 Mixing & Aeration Technology, Stainless Steel Disk Filters 


 Ultraviolet light disinfection for water, wastewater, and reuse applications, Horizontal & Vertical Flow Series, Flow through-Fluoropolymer, Chambered, Municipal Drinking Water 

 Non-Contact UV Disinfection 


 Remote monitoring and telemetry systems, Monitoring systems for tank levels, flow rates, equipment failure, power failure, and security 


 Wireless Communications, Radio Communications, Migration of Legacy systems 


 Level, Flow & Volume Control, Pump Control, Transducers 

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 Magnetic Flow Meters, Ultrasonic, Flow Meters, Flow & Level Sensors, Level Meters 

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 Pressure Transducers and Level Transducers for both water & wastewater 

 Screw Press, Rotary Screen Thickener, Screw Conveyor, Skid Mount Systems 


 Dewatering Rotary Fan, Rotary Fan Press, Rotary Fan Screw 


 Decanter Centrifuge, Sludge Thickener, Screw Press 


 Biosolids Drying Technology, Low Temperature Belt Dryer, Modular & Cost-Effective Class A Biosolid Solution 

 Flowtite Underground Fiberglass storage tanks for Fire Protection, Onsite Septic, Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Collection, Potable Water, Grease Interceptor, Oil/Water Separators, Fiberglass Manholes 


 Liquid Containment Solutions, Unmatched Coating Systems, Aluminum Tank Domes, Premier Elevated Storage, Tanks 

 Booster Pump Stations, Lift Station Packages, Custom Pump packages, Retro-Fit Designs 


 Custom Chemical Feed Systems, Diaphragm Metering Pumps, Peristaltic Metering Pumps, Analyzers, Measuring & Control Technology, Polymer Feed Systems, Chlorinators, Dry Chemical Feed, Dosing Pump Accessories 


 Slide Gates, Weir Gates, Stop Gates, Ladders 

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 Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Control Valves, Knife Gates/Gate Valves, Air Valves, Surge Relief Valves, Check Valves

 Actuators, Electric, Pneumatic (K-Tork), Fluid Power, Gear Boxes & Accessories 

Highlight your company here. Talk to us about upgrading your rep firm.

(501) 888-0500

Highlight your company here. Talk to us about upgrading your rep firm.

(501) 888-0500

Highlight your company here. Talk to us about upgrading your rep firm.

(501) 888-0500