At New Water Systems we care about water. We know that we can't take our natural resources or safe clean drinking water for granted. Both require a herculean effort from many people including engineers, operators, administrators and planners among others. New Water Systems plays a small role in the overall process by helping others find the processes or information they need to solve a given problem such that the solution is a sustainable resource and safe and abundant drinking water. 


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Andy Davis, PE

The Boss

Andy Davis, PE is the founder and owner of NWS. Andy received a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas. He has won some awards and been recognized in a few restaurants downtown. He has served in the Arkansas House of Representatives since January 2013. Most notably, Andy has two different colored eyes. Andy has a wife of 19 years, and 3 beautiful and healthy children. 

James Spann

The Elder

James has been a sales rep since the beginning of time. With over 22 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry James knows how to help clients select the best process for their application. James claims to have two kids including one homecoming queen, but he can't produce any proof in the form of pictures for his office, so we're keeping our eye on him.

Charlotte Hayes

Actually, the Boss

Charlotte Hayes takes care of business. She has been with NWS since before we started tracking stats like that. She excels at customer service and keeping up with whatever new idea Andy has this week. She is known for her interpersonal skills and her million dollar phone voice. Often referred to as "the human google machine", Charlotte can take care of you.

Calvin Reynolds

The Millennial

Calvin Reynolds has been with NWS since 2016. As an accomplished outside salesman, Calvin excels at working on his handicap, eating out, and smoking cigars all while convincing his wife that he works for a living. Calvin has two young kids. He enjoys hunting and plays bass guitar in a punk rock fusion band at that club your mom warned you about. 



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