Most of the earth's surface water is permanently frozen or salty.
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Automatic Distribution Valves

Orenco automatic distributing valve assemblies are mechanically operated and sequentially redirect the pump's flow to multiple zones in a distribution field or treatment system. Valve actuation is accomplished by a combination of pressure and flow. Automatic distributing valve assemblies allow the use of smaller horsepower pumps on large sand filters and drainfields. For example, a large community drainfield requiring 300 gpm can use a six-line valve assembly to reduce the pump flow rate requirement to only 50 gpm.

We require the use of high-head effluent pumps with Biotube pump vaults to provide pressure and meet flow requirements, and to prevent debris from fouling valve operation. An inlet ball valve, a section of clear pipe (for monitoring), and a union for each outlet are provided for a complete assembly. Ideal valve location is at high point in system. Contact Orenco or your local Distributor for detailed design guidelines, including our document Orenco Automatic Distributing Valve Assemblies (NTP-VA-1).

Note: Distributing valve assemblies are warranted only for use with Orenco high-head filtered pumping systems.


Product Nomenclature


Product Example

Model Code
6000 Series Distributing Valve Assembly, with 4 outlets

Automatic Distribution Valves Files

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